Westchester County proudly supports the School-Based Mental Health model. Westchester County school districts host over 50 School-Based Mental Health Satellite clinics run by local mental health agencies and licensed by The NYS Office of Mental Health. School-Based Satellite Clinics provide the full array of outpatient clinic services to youth and families in the convenience of their own school building. If you would like to learn more you can reach out to your school counselor or to the Children’s Mental Health Team at (914) 995-6377 or at .

For youth in need of special education services to meet their social-emotional needs; Westchester County school districts offer several types of educational programs that include mental health services. One category of program is the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) Licensed Day Treatment. Day Treatment programs provide comprehensive services for children who experience serious emotional challenges through supervised, planned activities and intensive child-staff interaction. Treatment is usually provided in a year-round, five-day-per-week program and is integrated with appropriate education services. Approval of the child's school district is required. In addition to OMH Day Treatment Programs, many school districts collaborate with mental health agencies to offer clinical services in the school setting.