Depression is one of the most treatable illnesses today. The first step toward overcoming depression is recognizing you have it and asking for help. If you think you may be depressed you should call your primary physician or call the Depression Support Network at (914) 995-5236.
Between 80-90% of people with depression can be helped. Symptoms can usually be relieved quickly with a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Medications relieve the symptoms of depression while talking to a therapist can help people change behavior and cope with problems. Once individuals seek out treatment, the success rate is extremely high.

Why don’t more people get help?
Many people fear that depression is a result of a weak character. Sometimes they don’t think their depression is “bad enough” to need treatment and that they’ll get over it. Still others are deeply ashamed and would rather live with it than consult a physician. Seniors may believe it’s a normal part of aging. Women may feel it’s just hormonal. Men are taught to “be strong” and admitting they are depressed makes them feel weak. Some people believe it’s wrong to “go outside the family” with problems. Others are fearful of taking medication and what that might mean to them or their family.

Depression itself, which saps energy and self-esteem, can interfere with a person’s ability or desire to get help.