A wide range of residential opportunities exist in Westchester County. This is largely due to residential development that has recently occurred and continues through NYS-CARES. NYS-CARES began in August of 1998 to provide for the development of residential programs and opportunities to reduce the community waitlist for residential placement.

For adults 21 and older, a range of residential alternatives with different levels of supervision is available. There are supervised settings offering 24-hour staff support, supportive settings offering less than 24-hour staff support and individualized support services that offer little or no staff for those individuals able to live most independently.

Residential services are provided by the New York State Office For People with Developmental Disabilities through the Hudson Valley Developmental Disabilities Service Office and voluntary private agencies. Family care, a type of adult foster care for children and adults who are developmentally disabled, is also available through certified family care providers.

To request residential services call (914) 995-5276. Referral for residential services is made through the Department of Community Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Single Point of Entry.