The Autism Advisory Committee, comprised of parents and professionals, was created to assess existing services, pinpoint gaps in the system, advise the county on what new services are needed, and identify possible funding sources.

The Autism Advisory Committee’s full recommendations are available in the committee’s report.

Subsequent to the completion of its original mandate, the committee has agreed to continue its work in an effort to implement some of its recommendations. Along with community partners, the committee expects to focus its efforts on three areas initially, including:

  • Promoting Westchester County as “autism friendly”
  • Exploring training opportunities for providers, family members, first responders and public and private employees
  • Developing a comprehensive roadmap of adult services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders

For more information about the committee, contact .

Annual Autism Fair
The Autism Information Fair is held annually to offer families an opportunity to connect and network with knowlegeable and encouraging professionals and to learn about interventions, services and supports available in Westchester County. Co-sponsored by DCMH and Navigating the Spectrum.

Monitoring bracelets
If you're a family member of a child with autism, you have enough to deal with without having to worry that your child may wander. To ease this worry, we're offering monitoring bracelets to help locate a child who has wandered off. To sign up for this service, download the form, complete it at home, and contact WJCS at (914)761-0600 ext.228.

We have teamed up with the Autism Speaks to bring you a database of local and national services. If you're a provider, submit your information. If you're a parent looking for resources, research the Family Services Resources by geographical area.

Organizations that would like to publish local events of interest to families affected by autism on the Westchester County Calendar of Events should contact Mary Ellen Torzilli by e-mail at , or by phone at (914) 995-5244.

If you're looking for physical activities for your child, the Miracle League of Westchester has created a special team for children on the autism spectrum. The Miracle League, whose local field is in Hartsdale, aims to make baseball accessible to every child, regardless of disability. Maybe your son or daughter would enjoy a game of ball.

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